US senators threaten Facebook, Apple, encryption, regulation,

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – the U.S. senators grilled Apple computer, Inc. and Facebook Inc. executives have about their coding practices are on Tuesday and threatened to close the technology is, unless the companies have to create the encrypted data of the user are accessible to the public for the enforcement of the law.

FILE PHOTO: Facebook logo can be seen on a mobile phone, it is in this image on 2 December 2019 at the latest. (REUTERS photo/Johanna Geron

At a U.s. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Democrats and Republicans have presented a rare united front, if they can be called child abuse, and mass-shooting cases in which encryption has blocked the access to the primary evidence, and obstruction of the investigation.

“You’re going to have to figure out a way to do this, or we’re going to do it for you,” said Senator Lindsey Graham. “We’re not going to have to live in a world where there are a number of child drug addicts have a safe haven to practice their craft. Period of time. End of discussion.”

Facebook has been struggling with several governments, since the announcement of its plan to enhance end-to-end encryption in the messaging services earlier this year. The WhatsApp, a messaging app that has already been encrypted.

In October, U.S. Attorney General William Barr, and for the enforcement of the law, the leaders of the United Kingdom and Australia have called on the world’s largest social network, and not to go through with the plan, except to the officers of the law are to be given back door entry.

Facebook rejected the call in a letter signed by the WhatsApp head of Cathcart, and the Messenger’s head, Stan Chudnovsky, who was released, along with the company’s written testimony.

“The ‘back door’ access, you’re demanding the enforcement of the law, it would be a gift to criminals, hackers and repressive regimes,” they wrote. “This is not something that we have to be willing to do that.”

Apple is old, be a legal battle over encryption of 2016, when the Federal Bureau of Investigation, sought access to the iPhone in the hands of a mission, a sympathiser of the Islamic society of San Bernardino, state of California, who was murdered for county employees.

That alone has helped enhance the reputation of the company and for the protection of the privacy of its users, while Facebook has been embroiled in a series of scandals in recent years over the use of your personal information.

In their testimony, and Facebook messages, for privacy, chief Jay Sullivan traded barbs with Apple’s privacy head, Erik Neuenschwander, each and every suggest, lawmakers are focusing their research on the other company.

Sullivan said on a number of occasions that Facebook is not building equipment or systems, and suggested that the company was open to “on-the-device-scan’ approach, which would automatically identify the contests for any illegal content.

“We don’t have forums for strangers in touch with each other … and in our line of business does not have a us scan of the content from our users to build profiles on them,” said Neuenschwander.

Reporting by Katie Paul; Editing by Richard Chang

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