Us Senate wants to support Saudi coalition in Yemen to stop

The U.s. Senate last Thursday passed a resolution calling for the cessation of all American military support for the Saudi Arabia-led coalition that meevecht in the war in Yemen.

56 senators voted for the adoption of the resolution, 41 against.

The reason for the decision is the fate of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who on October 2, was killed in the Saudi consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

Also names the senators a second resolution, this time unanimously, in which it is stated that the Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman to be responsible for the assassination attempt. The Senate calls on Saudi Arabia to all those involved to continue.

The US supplies the Saudi coalition in Yemen of information, let Saudi jets in the air refueling and provides military advice.

It is the first time that a chamber of the U.s. Congress uses the so-called War Powers Act. That was after the Vietnam war adopted to the power of a president to U.s. troops without the consent of the parliament for the (possible) conflicts.

Resolution is a sensitive blow for Trump

The resolution is not yet law, but is nevertheless a major blow for the Us president Donald Trump. That is stressed in recent weeks that it cannot be proved that Bin Salman behind the murder was – although the American security forces from going out.

Even if the crown prince is guilty, are the trade relations between the US and Saudi Arabia is too important to that conclusion following, according to Trump.

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