Us Senate imposes new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea

Us Senate imposes new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea

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The U.s. Senate last Thursday almost unanimously agreed with the imposition of new sanctions on Russia, despite the objections expressed by the U.s. president Donald Trump. Russian president Vladimir Putin is threatening with countermeasures.

The bill by the senators was approved also includes new sanctions against Iran and North Korea for the weapons programs of both countries. So should foreign banks that do business with North Korea will be punished and will trade with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard banned for U.s. companies.

A whopping 98 of the one hundred senators supported the proposal. In the House of Representatives was the proposal previously with 419-3 vote almost unanimously adopted.

The draft law, which provides sanctions against a number of various Russian economic sectors, will now go to the White House to be sent. President Trump the law may then draw or have a power of veto.

If the president chooses his veto, the bill is expected to get enough support in the Senate and the House of Representatives can expect to still have to be adopted.

The White House will refrain from comments, until the president, the bill has seen. That can take several days, said a spokesperson Thursday.

One of the parts of the bill is a provision that Congress allows to avoid that Trump existing sanctions against Russia and slowing. Normally, the U.s. president the power to decree and to impose penalties or to cancel.


In Russia was furious and responded to the senate resolution. The Russian economy is already weakened by the sanctions, which in 2014 were imposed as a result of the Russian annexation of the Crimea. The Kremlin denies to have interfered with the American elections.

President Vladimir Putin responded Thursday to the vote in the House of Representatives by saying that Moscow will consider a response, as soon as the final text of the law is known.

Russia “will exercise restraint and patience, but we will at a given moment should strike back”, said the Russian leader during a state visit to Finland. “It is impossible to rudeness against our country endlessly to tolerate.”

The European Union has also objected to new sanctions. The EU is afraid that energieleveranties from Russia are in danger.


The relations between the US and Russia under Trumps predecessor, Barack Obama is a big dent on and now seem to continue to deteriorate.

Trump has several times announced the relationship to want to improve, but runs on complications. The president and his closest collaborators are the subject of an investigation into unauthorized contacts with Russia during the U.s. presidential election of last year.

American intelligence agencies have as a result of that study concluded that Russia has indeed tried to the elections to influence. That has led to broad support for new sanctions among parliamentarians.

The bill is the first legislation in the field of foreign policy by Congress is approved during the reign of Trump. Despite a Republican majority in both chambers of the parliament, is Trump in recent months becomes involved in a series of battles with mixed outcomes for his domestic political plans.

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