US response to 9/11, the ” hour of hypocrisy,’ the former Obama-official to run for Congress written

Lauren Baer, a former State Department adviser in the Obama administration, is running for Congress in Florida. If you wrote an article claiming that the U.S. response to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks was a “moment of hypocrisy.”

(Lauren Bear Campaign)

A former Obama administration official running for a U.S. house seat in Florida once an item is claimed, wrote the U.S. response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks was a “moment of hypocrisy.”

Lauren Baer, who worked for the State Department under Hillary Clinton and John Kerry also criticized the country’s “shameful history”, while the hope, the attack, which killed nearly 3,000 people, America would be more “modest and humane.”

Baer, a Democrat, is now running for Congress in Florida’s 18th District against incumbent U.S. Rep. Brian Mast, a Republican. The district is located on the Atlantic coast North of Miami.

Lauren Baer, the former President Barack Obama.

(Lauren Bear Campaign)

But Baer has not received a confirmation of the former President Barack Obama, has decided against the endorsement of a Democratic candidate in Florida this year.

Baer writings came during her years at Harvard University, when she worked for the Harvard Crimson, a student-run publication. Your column with the title “the hypocrisy of mankind,” published Oct. 10, 2001 – only a month after the attacks.

The column of Baer was, for the first time, the Washington reported the free Beacon.

“Some people talk to want an America that is aware of these events, stronger, and proud of it … I wish to see, a America, more humble and more human.”

– Lauren Baer

“Some people want to talk about, in America, which wrote of these events, stronger and proud to be,” Baer. “I wish to see an America that is humble and human.”

You then wrote that America has a “shameful history” when it comes to standing up for his values.

“Every day the world is plagued by more mundane fights … These events were not just an affront to justice, since the events of Sept. 11.”

– Lauren Baer

“At the same time that America calls on the world to passionate, the preservation of our sacred values, it must live up to a shameful history, which is so rarely Stand for these values,” the now-Democratic candidate wrote.

Bear went to the minimization of the importance of terrorist attacks against the United States, criticism of those who say that the attacks against the US were an “attack on the world.” In their view, “every day the world is plagued battles of the profane” and these are “just as much an affront against justice, since the events on Sept. 11.”

“By the rhetoric of an attack on American values everywhere as an attack on the security everywhere, you should have ensured a meaningful American response,” Baer wrote. “But the American response to these atrocities skimmed was, if it existed at all.”

The candidate now sees the 9/11 attacks differently, according to a campaign E-Mail Tuesday, 17 sent. The anniversary of the attacks.

“I was on the way to grow up, and our country was defining on the threshold of changes, those of my generation,” she wrote in the E-Mail, according to the Free Beacon. “We didn’t know then about how we would be called to the defense of American values at home and abroad.

“But we have understood it, to come on a deep level that we have, together. We knew, to unite in the face of tragedy, we, as a community and a country,” she continued.

“On this 9/11, as we remember all those who perished that day, and in the struggle for the defense of our values, who came after them, let us keep all the promises that come along, each other care, and to keep reaching out to our neighbors, to our country stronger.”

Baer, if elected, would be the first same-sex marriage of a member of Congress. Your opponent, the Mast, was a reserve in the U.S. army when the terrorist attacks, and was in active service then. He lost both of his legs, as she detonated an explosive device, during a 2010 mission in Afghanistan.

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