US put 35 Russian diplomats country to cyber-attacks

US put 35 Russian diplomats country to cyber-attacks

Photo: AFP

The Us government has 35 Russian diplomats in the U.S. summoned the country within 72 hours to leave. The action is a sanction due to the alleged role of Russia in the great hack of the Democratic party.

“We made this decision as a response to the harassment of American diplomats,” says a government spokesman.

“We have also determined that the Russian diplomats have not worn in a way such as diplomats should behave”.

From Friday may, furthermore, all the Russian diplomats kidney more to the inside in two buildings in New York and Maryland.


It is one of the first visible actions of the U.s. government against Russia since Russia accused of inmeninging in the U.s. elections by means of hacks.

Russian president Vladimir Putin would personally have been involved in the Russian interference in the presidential elections in the United States. This is how he wanted according to the employees of the American security services, the chances of Donald Trump to win the elections increase.

Barack Obama announced Thursday a series of actions against Russia and warned that more will follow.

Also the president said in the coming days the U.s. Congress a report to send which is spoken about “the way in which Russia tried with our election to interfere”. Also, he said that it talked about hacking attempts in earlier verkiezigen.


In addition, the U.s. department of Homeland Security and investigation FBI is a joint made report in which they explain how Russian hackersgroepen, both civil and military, their cyber attacks to perform.

It is intended that other countries and organizations that fear that they are the victim of a hack from Russia, can self-protect ourselves against these methods.

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