Us please note that over start investigation of patent infringement Apple

Us please note that over start investigation of patent infringement Apple

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The Us International Trade Commission (ITC) has launched an investigation into possible patent infringement by Apple. This as a result of a conflict between Apple and Qualcomm.

Reports that Qualcomm in a press release. With the research, wants the ITC to determine whether Apple is guilty of unfair trade practices by importing and selling electronic devices.

Qualcomm says be glad to with the started research. “We look forward to the investigation of Apple’s abuse of our property and the assistance that the commission it may offer.”

A spokesperson from Apple repeats compared to CNET, a statement that the company has been since June: “Qualcomm’s unlawful practices harm Apple and the entire industry.”


The two companies have been arguing over licensing terms of Qualcomm, which has several important patents for 4G and other technology in your hands. Qualcomm wants that Apple a percentage of the selling price as a licensing fee to pay, but Apple will find that too expensive.

In the dispute asked Qualcomm in July or the ITC, the import of iPhones, wants to ban.


The please note that over reacts on this request by to do research on the matter. Within a month and a half hoping the ITC to know when the investigation will be completed.

The ITC did in 2015, a similar investigation into Apple, when Ericsson said that patents had been violated. When stressed the please note that over that this does not mean that the company was suspected of possible patentschending.

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