US mining holds limits to save sage-grouse


The Obama administration’s release of five possible plans Thursday for the limitation of mining in a Federal country in the West, to protect the weak, the greater sage-grouse, but it is not to say which he prefers.

The possibilities range from the prohibition of new mining activities on about 15,000 square miles up to 20 years, imposing no additional restrictions, which were on top of me.

The Associated Press obtained, the outlines of the proposals in advance.

The rules of sage grouse habitat on Federal land in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming.

Among all the options, mining and exploration projects that are already approved or run could begin. Energy companies could still be limited, to extract oil and gas from all the countries, but you would have to directional to prevent drilling from some distance, that the surface.

After a public comment period ends in March, president-elect, Donald Trump management will decide which option to choose, if at all.

It is not yet clear whether trump or his election to the Minister of the interior, Republican Rep. Ryan Zinke of Montana, continue the current sage-grouse conservation plans, you have to modify or scrap them.

Also unclear was why the Federal government is not a list a preferred alternative for the mining restrictions it does normally, in this type of assessment.

Republican berated President Barack Obama for the other last-minute-environmental measures, including the designation of Wednesday of two new national monuments, bears ears, Utah, and Gold Butte in Nevada.

An estimated 200,000 to 500,000 sage grouse to stay in the 11 Western States, but their numbers significantly, because they are losing habitat to development. The size of the sage grouse population is used as an indicator for the overall health of the great Western sagebrush ecosystem, and other species that depend on them.

The proposed mining restrictions are part of a comprehensive plan to save the chicken-size bird without recourse to the Endangered Species Act, which could bring stricter limits on mining, drilling, agriculture and other activities.

But the plan is under attack from both sides, with critics saying it is either too restrictive or too lax. Environmental groups and energy companies have filed lawsuits seeking to overturn all or parts of it.

The options for the mining restrictions are part of a draft of the uvu created the federal Bureau of Land Management, part of the Interior Department.

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