US Islamist group arming in anticipation of Trump, the submission of claims

Gilani issued a statement immediately after He was elected, according to the report. (Christian Action Network)

An Islamist group with mysterious substances in the US is arming in anticipation of raids by the incoming Trump administration, according to a new report from a non-profit think tank.

Muslims of the Americas, which is located in the district of Hancock, N. Y., and the carrying out of Pakistan by the leader, Sheikh Gilani, works 22 “Islamic villages” in the country. The connections are legal, but Gilani has recently ordered all of the unarmed members to collect firearms, licensing and hunting permits, according to the Clarion Project. Gilani believes his group will be focusing on the Trumpet.

“I predicted disastrous results this man elected as the American President,” Gilani said in a statement shortly after the Trumpet was elected president in November. 8. “He has come as a test and tribulation for the faithful followers of the holy books.”

Proponents say that the connections are simply Islamic churches for predominantly African-American Muslims who try to follow Gilani’s teachings in a rural area. While they have been the subject of numerous allegations and undercover reporting, the group is not known to have supported or carried out terrorist activities, and the criticism are widely dismissed as conspiracy theorists.

A confidential source who reported to be in the organization told Martin Mawyer of the Christian Action Network, Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project that the group expects the FBI to reopen the cases against them as a “homegrown terrorist organization,” the report said.

According to the report, the sources indicated that the members in the whole country, instructions were given by Gilani “be prepared to fight” against President-Elect Trump, which the group believes is part of a satanic-Zionist conspiracy to destroy Islam.

Muslims of America ‘ s headquarters in the countryside of New York state known as “Islamberg.” According to a 2007 FBI report obtained by the Clarion Project, MOA “possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns in the US and abroad.”

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