US is threatening the troops of Germany, to pick up, due to low military spending

In the United States, and that Germany’s lack of defense spending as the U.s. taxpayer to 50,000 military personnel in the federal republic of germany finances. The American ambassador in Berlin, Richard Grenell, said Washington, therefore, is considering the military out of Germany, to take away; they are going to then allow it to Poland.

Grenell is the attitude of the German government, to be offensive. The country has a massive trade surpluses, but it is not in the race to counter-bid for the 2024 games to the promised one to 2 per cent of the gross domestic product (gdp) on defence. It remains now only to a level of 1.36 per cent (2019), and the “go to”.

In today’s “ambitious” plans of the Berlin-to increase the defence spending up to 1.5 percent of gdp in 2024, according to the Us ambassador.

Grenells co-worker in Warsaw, Georgette Mosbacher, send a tweet, we note that Poland, as much as 2 percent of its gdp to defence spending and the commitment towards the alliance and NATO’s requirements.

Nowhere in Europe is there are so many American troops in Germany: eur 35 000. She is working with seventeen thousand American citizens. In addition, twelve thousand German civilians by the Us armed forces in Germany, is working, and driven tens of thousands of others, of their sales to the American base. In the US, only in Japan, the more troops are stationed.

Poland meets its 2% of GDP spending obligation towards NATO. Germany does not. We would welcome the American troops in Germany to come to Poland.

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The Us president, Donald Trump has been from the 24 to the 26 of August at the summit meeting of the G7 group of leading western economies. On the last day of August he started on his second visit to Poland for the first time was in the summer of 2017).

The President spoke before about troepenverplaatsing

He lives in Poland on the 1st of september the commemoration of the eightieth anniversary of the German invasion. He will visit and then on 2 and 3 september, Finland.

The president, who has previously also hinted at a troepenverplaatsing from Germany to Poland. The Polish government has revealed that a new U.s. base in the country in the name of the Home you choose.

The German media are suggesting that a Home in Germany again, misses on the European tour. At the end of last year, Grenell added that He is very happy to have a visit to Germany and would like to get to the town where his grandfather, Frederick Trump was coming from, Kallstadt in Rhineland-Palatinate.


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