US has increased sanctions against Venezuela, He is considering to completely ban

In the United States and the subsequent sanctions against Venezuela imposed, with the aim of the government is of the sitting president, Nicolas Maduro, under pressure to convert.

The Us president, when He signed on Monday night (Us time) that an executive decree to which any of the assets of the South American country to be frozen.

“All of the property and interests in property of the government of Venezuela in the United States, are blocked and may not be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn, or otherwise dealt with to be able to in the decree and read it.

The tough measures that the united states and Venezuela, now have to comply with, were previously used only in North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Cuba were imposed. He might even consider a complete ban around the Venezuela to the post, reported the CNN.

Venezuela has been for months in a political crisis because of the policies of Maduro, together. His opponents are accusing him of, among other things, the cause of the poor economic situation the country is currently in a “as is”.

Leader of the opposition, Juan Guaidó has set itself the interim president of the country is declared and is recognized by many countries, including the United States, and the Netherlands.

Maduro, who is backed by Russia and China, and it is up to date, however, has not yet moved on.


Crisis in Venezuela: Why the U.S. Guaidó support, and Russia is not


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