“US doesn’t allow electronic devices in the cabin on various flights’

“US doesn’t allow electronic devices in the cabin on various flights’

Photo: AFP

The American authorities electronic devices such as laptops and tablets ban in the cabin on flights to and from several countries in the Middle East and Africa to the United States. This is because of the threat of terrorism.

It comes to devices that are larger than a mobile phone.

The new rules, which will apply for about a dozen foreign airlines an equal number of countries, to be soon announced by the U.s. department of Homeland Security. That telling sources within the U.s. government on Monday told Reuters.

Passengers to the US from include Jordan and Saudi Arabia have to deal with the new measures. They have the devices still have to take on their journey, but this must be checked in the cargo hold.

The sources say that American airlines is not will be affected by the ban.


According to the sources, the U.s. government has a few weeks ago taken notice of the threat. It is not clear what that exactly means or where that comes from. The White House abstained from comment.

The Jordanian airline Royal Jordanian Airlines presented passengers to the USA on Monday via Twitter with the new rules. Passengers are allowed to have mobile phones and approved medical devices.

Also, the Saudi newspaper Al Riyadh reported that the aviation authorities in the country have been told that laptops and tablets on flights to the US in the cargo hold.

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