US considering laptopverbod on all flights

US considering laptopverbod on all flights

Photo: AFP

The United States may be laptops keep the aircraft cabins on all flights of the country in and out. The Us secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly said that in the tv program Fox News Sunday.

A term he called not. The government is planning the “bar higher” for the security of the air traffic. This includes a tighter control of things in the carry-on baggage.

“That’s where they are, the terrorists, obsessed with the idea of a plane from the sky to pick up, especially if it is a unit of an American company and it is packed with Americans,” said Kelly, who this threat is real called.

In march got ten airports in Turkey, Qatar, and the Gulf states already impose restrictions on the carrying of larger electronic devices in the passagiersruimtes.

The US conducted earlier this month for consultation with representatives of the European Union over the banning of laptops, tablets, and cameras in carry-on baggage on flights to the US.

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