Us Congress does not agree with budget Trump, government lock

A large part of the American government is on Friday (6.00 pm Dutch time) on the slot gone. This ‘shutdown’ is the result of a disagreement between the Congress and the White House over the budget for the coming year.

The American president Donald Trump wants the Senate and the House of Representatives to agree on a miljardeninvestering in his proposed wall between the United States and Mexico. The Democrats want not to participate, and a number of Republicans put their doubts on this huge issue.

The Senate suspended Friday at 20.00 hours (local time) the meeting without an agreement with the White House to have reached. Thus it was that the united states government, in any case, a day on slot. This means that about 800,000 civil servants around christmas no salary will be received.

Saturday talk the Senate further on the situation. Many senators were out of Washington headed out for the holidays and now need to hastily return.

Because the Congress has not agreed with the budget that the White House has developed, a large part of the federal government to temporarily ‘close’. Officials can then officially no longer be paid, because the government has no money to spend.

National parks and tourist attractions to close doors

National parks and major tourist attractions to close their doors. The officials who go home now have been sent to get, incidentally, still their wages if the government is again ‘open’.

In general, a ‘shutdown’. But this is now the third time in the presidency of Trump that the government forced a temporary closure.

Trump tried Friday via Twitter yet to put pressure on the Republicans to get the budget to adopt through a backdoor in the system, the so-called ‘nuclear option’. But here were his followers not to participate.

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