US commander says press key to nuclear diplomacy

SEOUL, South Korea – The commander of the U.S. forces in South Korea said on Wednesday that he is cautiously optimistic nuclear diplomacy will work with North Korea. But he also said Seoul and Washington should continue to exert pressure so that “there is no single reason or even a possibility” for the North to go.

Gen. Vincent Brooks told reporters that the reports about the ongoing nuclear and missile development of the activities in North Korea reveal that Pyongyang currently has a lack of confidence that the real steps in the direction of denuclearization and still be safe.

“While I have to find the empathy to understand why North Korea does what it does and where it comes from, nevertheless, this is a condition North Korea made for himself,” Brooks said at a press conference in Seoul. “They will have to take the risk to move in the direction the direction of peace, given the fact that she created the circumstances.”

After a challenging year in weapons development, in which it is tested, where the company’s thermo-nuclear warhead and demonstrated the potential ability to strike the U.S. mainland, the North has shifted to a diplomatic approach in 2018.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un held a historic summit with President Donald Trump, in June. She published aspirations for a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula without describing how or when it would occur.

Post-summit conversations focused on the mapping of a denuclearisation process was a difficult start, with North Korea accusing a senior U.S. delegation headed by Minister of State Mike Pompeo of making unilateral demands for the country to renounce its arsenal. North Korea also has to require the United States to fast-track discussions on a declaration of a formal end to the Korean War, which is stopped with a truce and no peace.

“The amount of the claims that are made in the relationships between countries since this time last year is perhaps not something that could have conceived of last year and yet it happened,” says sara. “But we still have to see serious steps being taken on all these matters is of great importance as denuclearization. There is still a need for a continuous pressure so that there is no reason or even an opportunity for North Korea to have a back-up.”

Nuclear diplomacy with North Korea is littered with failures in the past few decades. But Brooks said that the chances of success are better this time around as a result of the change of the governments in Washington and Seoul, and also because the threat of the North’s nuclear and long-range missile program is greater than ever.

For the diplomatic efforts to succeed, it would be a crucial year for the allies of North Korea to overcome mistrust and misperception, where “the actions of a party are not understood in the manner for which they are intended to be by the actor and the recipient will see it,” says sara.

He noted that the United States and North Korea have made, it is important to trust-building steps in the past few weeks, such as the North return of 55 sets of remains of what is believed that the AMERICAN soldiers have been killed during the 1950-53 Korean War.

“It was a very important step, but it is akin to a plank of wood is put on a long bridge over a long chasm of distrust,” says sara.

Analysts say a declaration to officially end the war would make it easier for Pyongyang to direct talks with Washington in the direction of a peace treaty, diplomatic recognition, security assurance and economic benefits.

Washington has argued that Pyongyang would not be offered sanctions relief and significant rewards, unless the firm undertakes a process of completely and verifiably eliminate the nuclear weapons.

“There is clearly a sense of urgency, especially on the part of North Korea. But this is one that really needs to be understood, in particular the three countries — South Korea, North Korea, and the United States.” Brooks said. “What it means is very clear, that must be included in the presale, and what it does not mean that it may also need to be understood.”

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