US-buildings-to protect coalition ships over the Persian Gulf

nearvideo Pompeo warns Iran on incidents in the Strait of Hormuz, says US remains committed to North Korea-negotiations

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo closes Bret Baier to discuss the ‘Special Report’ Trump administration, the answer to the global hot-spots.

The State Department said that it is “secure, very supportive,” a European initiative for the protection of ships in the Strait of Hormuz, even followed as the United States has its own operation, of the narrow water road.

“We welcome all efforts of the Europeans, our allies, our partners,” said Morgan Ortagus, the State Department spokesman.

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in an interview with Bret Baier on “Special Report” on Thursday, said the country should unite for the protection of the waterway.

“Every country has an interest in ensuring that these waters are open roads and oil and other products flow through the Strait of Hormuz must participate to protect, not only in their own interest, but the basic understanding of free and open-water street,” said Pompeo.

The Pentagon announced the U.S. Central Command hosted high-ranking representatives of Nato countries on Thursday to discuss the MacDill Air Force Base in Florida, the US initiative, Operation Sentinel.


Last week, the State Department has informed over 100 diplomats from some 60 countries to discuss the U.S. operation, according to a senior U.S. official. The Trump administration stresses that the other Nations need to contribute more to the safety of the road, since most of the trading through the line to ports outside the United States.

Shortly after this briefing, a British shipping company, announced that Iran taken had, one of his tankers, travel through the road. The United Kingdom announced that the British Navy will now escort British-flag vessels through the Straits.

While the State Department said that it welcomes the European initiative, the administration of the policy on Iran differs with the European allies on the Iran nuclear agreement. The United States withdrew from the deal last year, restored and sanctions against Iran. The United Kingdom, France and Germany trying to hold the agreement together and refused to join the US “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran.

Iran claimed that it is also the fuse of the road.


“The whole world should be grateful that the Revolutionary guards to maintain security in the Strait of Hormuz,” said Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian President.

Iran has also the British edition of the tankers called it confiscated. The UK alleged that the Iranian vessel is injured, tries to the European Union with sanctions, to supply oil to Syria, when Royal Marines grabbed it earlier this month.

The shipping company operating the British-flagged tanker in Iran, said the company is confiscated in contact with the 23 sailors in Iran.

“The Crew members were able to speak directly to their families for a limited period of time,” said Erik Hanell, CEO and President of Stena Bulk. “We expect a decision by local authorities to our request to participate in the ship.”

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