Us authorities will announce evacuations due to storm Harvey

Us authorities will announce evacuations due to storm Harvey

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Authorities in the Us state of Texas for areas in the vicinity of Houston large-scale evacuations are announced as a result of tropical storm Harvey.

It is now clear that the rainfall for a few days will persist, and to unprecedented flooding events will lead. The authorities have now given the order in the region, Fort Bend, 55 miles southwest of Houston, in one fell swoop 55,000 people to evacuate.

It is expected that more evacuations will follow. Weather services for the next few days namely persistent rainfall, which in some places between the thirty and sixty inches of rain may fall.

The evacuations are partly prompted by the high state of the rivers in the area, such as, for example, the Brazos River that leads towards the area flows. With a stand of eighteen meters, is the water level in the river is currently more than four metres higher than normal. Such stocks have in the past decades hardly observed in the southern American state.

The total rainfall can be in the next week come true on historic values. There are predictions that in the next week in a total of 120 inches of rain will fall. That would mean that so much rain would fall in a week, as in a normal year.


Streets in Houston are flooded as a result of hurricane Harvey


The consequences of the tropical storm Harvey already provide a lot of problems. In an area of about 240 km around the city of Houston, areas under water. In many streets of towns and villages the water is now chest high.

So far, there are only in and around Houston for more than a thousand saved. They had taken refuge on the roofs of cars and houses.

The city is paralyzed. Schools, airports and offices may Monday not open. houses. Meanwhile, help comes on steam. About three thousand reservists have been called to the rescue to assist in the solving of emergencies and for the evacuation of people in the triangle of Houston, Victoria and Corpus Christi. Also be extra ambulances and mobile medical units to Houston sent.


As a result of the tropical storm were now two people to life. In Rockport came a man to a fire in his house. In West Houston drowned an elderly woman when she tried with her car, the body of water to face and was overwhelmed.


The American president Donald Trump has Sunday announced that he will visit will bring to the affected state of Texas. The White House, “co-ordinating logistics with the Texas government and the local authorities,” said spokesman Sanders.

Harvey in Texas

The most inconvenience over the coming days is expected because of the persistent rainfall and flooding will cause.

HHarvey is the heaviest hurricane that the USA in twelve years time has reached.

In several places, the power failed, there would be hundreds of thousands of people without power sit

A badly damaged church in Rockport, where the hurricane landed.

Many traffic lights and lampposts killed.

NASA gave Friday images free of the approaching hurricane. They are made from the space station ISS.

Stormy weather along the Texas coast.

Harvey rapidly in strength after reaching Texas.

A firefighter looks at the damage after a fire caused by the hurricane in Corpus Christi.

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