US approves arms deal with Taiwan as well, despite a warning from China

The department of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday gave the green light for the sale of dozens of F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan. With a planned arms deal is a total amount of 8 billion u.s. dollars (about 7.2 billion euro) will be involved.

The deal is, the relationship between the united states and China continue to put pressure on. These countries are all involved in a move handelsconflict.

Beijing sees Taiwan as an island state on the Chinese coast, as a renegade province and is opposed to this kind of wapendeals.

The Chinese ministry of Foreign Affairs and ordered to Washington on Monday to stop the sale of weapons to Taiwan. “The U.S., with all the consequences to bear,” warned a spokesman. That did not exist in the detail of what those “consequences” just as would be the case.

Taiwan has a fleet of older F-16’s in 1992, buy. The island nation will now need to gain access to the new version and it would be a total of 66 aircraft are going to buy.


Fierce fighting between the united states and China not only in trade


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