Urine and sour milk: the was do was used to even awful

Whoever this weekend by a pile of laundry needs folding and iron: here is a heart under the belt. Doing the laundry was formerly even worse, a day job where a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and -yes – urine geplengd was.

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That the eighteenth century was not determined as the era of the idle marked, we don’t have more to write. Although the first industrial revolution, gradually the head started to cross, there was in the household haven’t noticed much of, and certainly not in the laundry room. People wore in that time their clothes longer, not only because they do not have many clothes, but especially so that their pile of laundry nice and large seemed. How more clothes, how more clothes, how more wealth was their motto at the time.

Because the job is so big -even with a small pile of laundry – did the slightly more prosperous families call on a laundress who, during this period the mother of the house came to assist in the geploeter that sometimes a week would take a long time.

Red nose and blue fingertips

First of all was the (dried) dirt from the clothing all with great wooden chips, which a bit looked like cricket bats. Then should the water be prepared. According to a calculation from 1886, and had the average woman has eight to ten times the water pump running to the water then to heat and in the mountain lodge to throw. The cleanest was washed first, the most contaminated pieces were later in the cockpit. During the wash the water was still a number of times and refilled and heated.

Those who thought that these water games on a hot day is still a pleasant workout can be will be disappointed. First of all, there was, especially in the winter crops, preferably in the middle of the night, because he was afraid that sunlight and heat stains in the clothes could burn. Even when it froze that it was women went with red nose and blue vingertippen over and over again to the nearest stream where they have their arms several times in the icy water were allowed to immerse.

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In addition, there was not with good-smelling soap as we know it today washed. The clothes were first soaked in lye (water that burnt black wood seeped out, mixed with pork fat) with a high alkaline value, and then still treated with urine or sour milk for the most persistent stains. The higher the acidity of the urine or the milk, the better it worked.

Logically, had the clothing so several times immersed and rinsed -each time with fresh water to odors and other residue can be removed. Briefly described, the washing process out of whack, weeks, scrub, rinse, boil, rinse, wring, hang out, and bleaching. Women had, after this period, rough, almost crushed hands, sore arms and blisters on their feet. A little vermoeiender than frantic searches for “that other black sock”.

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