Up to five years in prison required against raiders home Raymond van Barneveld

The Public Prosecutor (OM) has Monday to five years in prison required against the three men who are suspected of the attack on the Hague home of darts player Raymond van Barneveld.

The men denied Monday during the substantive examination in the court in the Hague violence. The idea was a burglary, according to the three Locals. They thought that no one was home.

The robbery took place in the night of 16 June. Van Barneveld was at that time abroad. His wife Silvia was alone in the house. After the men inside were forced, they were caught red-handed by Silvia van Barneveld.

According TO proven that against her violence, as she herself has stated. The woman was beaten and her hair pulled. Two suspects are responsible for the violence, according to the ORDER.

According to Van Barneveld has “doodsangsten pain” and the event deeply interfered in her life. She stumbled upon the men in her house when the alarm was triggered. The woman was at that moment naked.

Suspects were to own say get drunk

According TO the suspects Yassir A. and Yassine el H. her from the first floor to down taken. After ten to fifteen minutes the men left, with a bag, an iPad, and earrings. Van Barneveld is then naked in her car stepped on and to the friends fled.

In his own words, were the defendants drunk. The plan for the burglary was spontaneously arise.

Court is at the end of January ruling

Yassine el H. belongs to the so-called Top600 of relatively young Amsterdam criminals. He heard the highest punishment of five years in prison against requirements. It wants TO three years in prison cell for Yassir A., of which a half a year conditionally.

Mikey B., that no violence would be used, has 177 days in custody sat. He has to do what it is not back to the prison. The public prosecutor demanded 300 days in jail, of which 123 are conditional.

The court’s ruling on 28 January.

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