‘Unruly hair is caused by three genes

‘Unruly hair is caused by three genes

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Scientists have identified three genes have been identified that human hair unmanageable.

People who have a mutation in one of these genes, fluffy and bouncy hair that is not comb.

The genes allow for the formation of grooves in the strands. Therefore, the hair falls in all directions.

That report German researchers in the scientific journal American Journal of Human Genetics.

Electron microscope

The scientists came to their findings by the hair of subjects to analyze using an electron microscope. It was also the DNA of the participants in the study have been mapped. The scientists discovered a small group of people with a structure that strongly deviated from the standard.

Among these people was the cross-section of the haarstreng heart-shaped. This deviation in structure is caused by a mutation in one of three genes, called PADI3, TGM3 and TCHH.

Normally, the cross-section of a haarstreng in people around, or for people with curly hair – sloping.


People with a genetic form of unruly hair are very rare. The scientists have only a hundred detected. Lead researcher Regina Betz suspect that most people with the condition do not experienced as a medical problem, reports the news site Science.

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