Unrest in suburban Paris loves to after geweldsincident police

Unrest in suburban Paris loves to after geweldsincident police

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

In a suburb in the north of Paris is the for the fourth consecutive night restless. The police arrested in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday at least twelve people.

There would be ten police cars on fire, are inserted. A bus driver was injured when his vehicle was attacked with a benzinebom.

Reason for the unrest is an indictment against the four agents that a 22-year-old man at an arrest would have been raped with a wapenstok.

The banlieus where the protests against the police take place, were in 2005 also for weeks the backdrop of riots that captured the attention. Then came the riots, as young people in the street went because of the, in their eyes, beperekte future prospects. The riots lasted nearly a month; ten thousand cars went up in flames, and three hundred houses were seriously damaged.


The police claims that the protests are difficult to combat because the banlieus still “ghettos”. According to the politievakbonden are ordinary agents in this kind of cases in these districts trained nor equipped to adequately do their work.

The four agents, who five days ago were suspended, would the extreme violence used in the arrest of the 22-year-old man. One of the agents would during the struggle the man with his wapenstok have been raped. This agent is suspected of rape, the other three is the unnecessary use of violence charged.


The geweldsincident that last week Thursday already plaastvond during a routine check-up. The arrest was filmed and was using social media in high-tempo spread. The agents suggested in a reply in French media that the pants of the man “itself afzakte” and that she him only with the wapenstok on the buttocks have been beaten.

The man had after the incident to his internal injuries are operated on. President François Hollande visited the victim on Tuesday in the hospital.


The riots seem to be a topic during the French elections in may take place. The extreme-right candidate Marine le Pen does very well in the polls. Meanwhile, the conservative candidate, François Fillon, plagued by accusations of fraud.

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