Unrest by plans Trump to Russian sanctions to ease

Unrest by plans Trump to Russian sanctions to ease

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The statements of Donald Trump about the possible lifting of a part of the sanctions against Russia, leading to unrest. European diplomats want clarity of Trump. Republicans, the new president warned his plans not to pursue.

Trump let Friday know to consider a part of the U.s. sanctions against Russia to be lifted. A portion of these penalties is imposed because of the annexation of Crimea and support for rebels in Ukraine. Another part was imposed because of the involvement of Russian hackers with the American elections.

The new American president in a call Saturday with Russian president Vladimir Putin. During his election campaign has Trump repeatedly said the ties with Russia to want to get.

The announcement of Trump that he the sanctions partly will lift leads to unrest. European diplomats called the last days of the National Security Council to gain clarity. That remained as yet. Also, the new American UN ambassador, of the UN-members questions about the plans, could not give answers.


Trump has the last months negative things about various international groupings, such as NATO and the European Union. So he called NATO’s “out of date”, and he suggested that the fate of the EU after Brexit him cold late. The British prime minister Theresa May, who Trump visited, emphasised just as the European diplomats that the Russian sanctions intact.

Not only Europe, but also the Republicans of Trump himself against the lifting of sanctions. Senaatleider Mitch McConnell and John Ryan, the leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, said Friday, once again strongly opposed the easing of the sanctions.

“If there is one country in the world is that no easing deserves, then it is Russia”, suggested McConnell with a clamp.

Irresponsible price

Previously warned the leading Republican senator, John McCain, Trump all to the sanctions against Russia not to lift. McCain thinks that the American government toward Russia is an irresponsible course. He threatens through the parliament a law to assume that the sanctions were legally anchored.

McCain is one of the leading buitenlandsenatoren of the Republican party. The senator collided in the campaign with Trump when the billionaire suggested that McCain is no war hero was, because he by the Vietcong was captured.

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Useful partner

A week before his inauguration as president asked Trump even the sanctions “for now” in a position to want to keep it. Only if Moscow as a useful partner presents in the fight against terrorism and other for the US, important goals, according to Trump reason for the sanctions.

President Barack Obama stressed ten days ago, during his last conversation with journalists that he hoped that Trump the penalties are not on would levy, even though Trump to approach to want to look to Russia.

“The sanctions the international community imposed because Russia the sovereignty of Ukraine is not respected. We can’t allow large countries to smaller countries, bully, or invade”, said Obama. In his last week put the former president is still new sanctions on Russia.

This would Trump do in his first hundred days as president

Incriminating information

Then put Obama in december, 35 Russian senior diplomats out of the country. This led the U.S. in retaliation for the hacks that the presidential elections have affected and probably the work of Moscow.

Trump has since his appointment as president not spoken about the hacks or the allegations that the Russians may release any information Trump in the hands may have. Or was he the CIA “nepnieuws” to spread and he suggested the feeling that he was in “nazi-Germany” is lived.

These words fell very badly with CIA chief John Brennan. Trump praised during a visit to the service after the swearing in of the CIA to the sky.

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