United States of america to lay the Iranian construction sector are sanctions on the

In the United States of america to lay the Iranian construction industry with new sanctions, says the Us secretary of state, Mike Pompeo on Thursday.

The announced sanctions will prohibit the supply of certain materials, such as graphite, in the construction companies in Iran. Also, the provision of software for industrial purpose to be used, it will be possible to receive a penalty.

The department of Foreign Affairs said that the minister Pompeo was adopted in the Iranian building sector is directly or indirectly controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard corps (IRGC). In the U.S., and considers the IRGC as a terrorist organization.

After that, the united states is in may 2018, with the nuclear agreement with Iran that had been pulled out, the tension between the two countries further increased. The Us president, Donald Trump, wants to use the sanctions pressure on Iran until a new treaty is to come.


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