United States new sanctions against Iran, officially known

United States new sanctions against Iran, officially known

The United States impose thirteen individuals and twelve entities in Iran, new sanctions. That has the White House Friday announced. The country is taking the measures because of the test that Iran Sunday ran with a middellangeafstandsraket and to “destabilising activities in the region”.

On the website of the White House, a list containing the gesanctioneerden. It involves, among others, to persons and entities located in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and China.

Had the White House already know that Iran under enhanced surveillance’ comes to stand as a result of the test. The launch is according to the Americans are in conflict with the decision of the UN Security council that Iran tests doesn’t allow missiles and nuclear weapons can carry.

An anonymous source involved in the plan announced last Thursday that the US engaged would be with new sanctions against the country. According to the source were the sanctions for some time in the pipeline, but has the rakettest the American president Donald Trump, undertake to decide the sanctions to actually impose.

Military options

Trump said Thursday that “nothing is ruled out” when he was asked whether he military options would consider as a response to the launch. Friday he added on Twitter that Iran is “playing with fire”. Trump wrote that Iran “does not appreciate how ‘nice’ president Obama was” and that he himself was a lot less friendly.

In a comment suggested Iran never his army and weapons against another country unless in self-defense is necessary. That left the Iranian Foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Friday know via Twitter.

Trump says that it is supported by Republicans in Congress when it comes to new sanctions against the country. Safety director Michael Flynn said Wednesday of ‘destabilising activities’ by the Iranians. Paul Ryan, chairman of the House of Representatives said that the US must stop Iran becoming a duet.


The Iranian missile was on Sunday launched from Semnan, about 200 kilometers from the capital city Tehran. The rocket would be about a thousand kilometres have been flown and exploded when.

Under Obama, the ties to Iran cited. Thus, U.s. sanctions against the country be lifted in exchange for curbing Iran’s core activities. President Trump is against the agreement that Obama closed with Iran and wants the deal to revert.

Iran is one of the seven countries covered by the by Trump set entry fall.

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