United passenger claims ‘intoxicated’ man repeatedly grabbed her thigh on the flight

The woman further claims that the United must “do better” to protect passengers.


A United Airlines passenger claims to be a ‘very drunk’ man repeatedly grabbed her thigh Tuesday during a flight, and says that she was “shocked” by the manner in which the United chose to handle the situation.

“Sexually harassed on a @united flight late last night to BUF. 1 clerk was friendly, and the man arrested at the gate,” Katie Campos posted on Twitter on Wednesday morning.

“Shocked by the lack of a coordinated response by the united in order to ensure the safety of the travelers. The man kept hitting me and others to end,” she added, along with a hashtag reading “#dobetter,” likely directed at the United kingdom.

Was harassed on @united flight late last night to BUF. 1 clerk was friendly, and the man arrested at the gate. Shocked by the lack of a coordinated response by the united in order to ensure the safety of the travelers. The man kept hitting me and others to end. #dobetter #unitedAIRLINES

— Katie Campos (@KatieCampos9) 20 December 2017


The alleged incident happened during a night flight from Newark to Buffalo, a trip that takes about 45 minutes.

Have received a bunch of calls from the media about my sexual harassment complaint, while on @united. I had no desire to make this into a media thing; I wanted to share feedback with the united so that this doesn’t happen again. Here is what happened:

— Katie Campos (@KatieCampos9) 20 December 2017

According to her statement on Twitter, the man, who was sitting between herself and another female passenger, “almost immediately” started to grab her inner thigh after he sat down.

Campos said she fought him the first time he grabbed her and asked him to stop the second time. The third time, she said, she left her seat and the height of a flight attendant.

“I asked her to move my seat to check in on the other woman’s in the window seat,” she wrote. “I told her that I heard him ask to kiss the woman sitting in the window seat, who asked him to stop and to let her sleep.”


Campos said the member of the crew waited about five minutes for the control on the other woman, who also asked to be reseated. Campos further said that the flight attendants do not for the other passengers why they had reseated.

“They told me that was not my chair … it was very uncomfortable, and I explained to them that the man in front of us was sexually harassing me.”

Campos said that, even after she and the other woman moved, the man kept peering back at them from his chair. In their absence, he also tried to get Campos’ fiance, who was sitting on the other side of the aisle of his row.

During the landing, the crew reportedly told Campos she would not be able to help her. But as soon as they are on the ground, Campos, said a flight attendant — probably the only Campos thought was “helpful” — the man informed him that the police were waiting at the gate and advised Campos and the other woman to report the incident.

According to a police report obtained by The Washington Post, neither Campos nor the other woman pressed harassment charges, but the man — who emitted a “strong odor” of alcohol was charged with disorderly conduct.

Campos says she is now urging airlines to “push for policies, training and expectation that the flight attendants and all airline companies are trained and prepared to protect their passengers, by the removal of the problem and not affected by the problem.”

In response, United stated that it would work with the local authorities to conduct a “review” of the incident.

“We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and our pilot requested that the local police at the aircraft upon arrival in Buffalo, after which the authorities removed of the customer of the flight,” a spokesperson from United said in a written statement obtained by Fox News.

“We are working with our own internal review and the support of an investigation by the local authorities.”


This is the second time this month that a United Airlines passenger has accused a fellow flyer of sexual harassment.

On Dec. 5, a woman on a flight from New Jersey to Charlotte, N. C., said a 73-year-old man put his hand between her legs and groped her mid-flight.

The man, who claimed that his hand fell in her lap, was removed from the flight by police upon landing.

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