United nations: the 85 deaths due to violence in and around the Afghan presidential election

Up to 85 Afghan civilians have been killed by violence related to the presidential election of the previous month, the report of the United Nations on Tuesday. At the same time, more than 370 were wounded. One-third of the victims were children.

The vote on the 28th of september, went smoothly, despite threats by the Taliban in relatively peaceful and quiet. The terrorist group called on Afghans not to vote. This has led to a low voter turnout: a quarter of registered voters showed up.

It was the Taliban that it was responsible for most of the political violence before, during and after the elections. Thus, the movement to different polling stations to this. On the day of the vote fell to 28 dead, while more than 250 were injured.

Tadamichi Yamamoto, the united nations envoy to Afghanistan, called for the verkiezingsgeweld “totally unacceptable” and stressed that attacks on civilians be considered crimes against humanity.

A record number of civilian casualties in the parliamentary elections

During the Afghan parliamentary elections held in October last year, the first vote in eight years, was, according to the United Nations, a record number of civilian casualties. There were 56 deaths and 379 injuries. Also, the Taliban is responsible for most of the violence.

The elections were conducted in multiple sites in a chaotic as a result of several organizational issues. Because of the violence, and by irregularities at polling stations was decided by the national electoral commission to the supreme court on two occasions to set up.

During the presidential election last month, more than 100,000 soldiers and policemen are deployed for the safety and security of the country and to protect it.

The preliminary results of the presidential elections, it will be possible for this week to be announced. Only recently, in november, and the final result is known. If no candidate has more than half of the number of votes won, there will be a second round of voting, with the two most popular candidates.


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