United nations: More than 7,500 children have been killed or wounded in the war in Yemen

More than 7,500 children over the past 5.5 years in Yemen have been killed or injured by air strikes, artillery fire, combat, suicide bombings or explosions to report of the United Nations (UN) in a report..

The report was drawn up by António Guterres, the secretary-general of the united nations. According to Guterres, the report contains only the instances that are monitored could be made. This is because, according to the UN, ceo in the last few years were “extremely difficult for Yemen to monitor”.

Yemen has for many years been in the grip of a bloody civil war. An international coalition, under the leadership of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its local allies to fight against the Houthi rebels.

That is the north-west of the country, for the most part under the base run, and the power in the capital, sana’a. The saudis believe that the Houthi’s support of Iran.

By the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has carried out air strikes, among others, schools, and hospitals, were destroyed. Virginia Gamba, was the representative of the children in areas of conflict, “the suffering of children in Yemen during the accumulation of the results of this report seriously to become”.


Why is the war in Yemen for the past four years


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