United nations: Every forty seconds a person dies in the world due to suicide

Every forty seconds, one dies, there is someone in the world is by killing yourself. That tells you the WHO, the health organization of the united nations on Monday, in a report on the subject. Die each year by suicide than by war.

Die worldwide by suicide than on the effects of malaria, breast cancer, or death, says the WHO. In total, die every year 800 000 people due to suicide.

Among young people between the ages of 15 and 29 years old, suicide is the second cause of death after traffic accidents.

In high-income countries, the number of men who commit suicide is three times as high as that of women. In low-income countries, these numbers are more evenly distributed.

WHO is asking the government for better prevention plans and to make

The WHO urges the governments to a great plan to do is to help people who are struggling with stress and, therefore, to think about suicide. “Suicide is a worldwide public health problem that people of all ages and of all faiths will find” said the report.

The world health organization wants to be, also, that it is more difficult for pesticides to buy, because they are used more and more to suicide to escape. In Sri Lanka, a ban on the use of pesticides has led to a huge decline in the number of suicides.

If you want to talk to you about suicide, please go to or call the help line for suicide prevention: 0900-0113.


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