United Nations calls for a new medication antibiotic resistance

United Nations calls for a new medication antibiotic resistance

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The United Nations has the world dedicated to the search for a new drug against twelve superbacteriën that are resistant to antibiotics, but a major threat to global health.

To this end, called upon the United Nations Monday, reports AFP.

It comes to bacteria that deadly infections can cause in the bloodstream, lungs, brain and the urinary tract. These bacteria don’t respond to regular medication, such as antibiotics.

“Antibiotic resistance is becoming more and more alternative options aren’t there anymore,” says Marie-Paule Kieny, assistant director-general at the World Health Organization (WHO), which published the list. “If we take this call would not do, to be the new antibiotics that we need not on time.”

According to WHO, the responsibility lies also with the governments. They would public and private funding for the development of drugs and research should stimulate. Previously warned the organization that if nothing is done, there will be a period of post-antibiotics is created. Where small infections that are relatively often prevent weather can be deadly.


Resistance to drugs would be according to the report, by incorrect and excessive use of antibiotics to increase. This would bacteria be encouraged to develop so that they can survive and find new ways to medications to beat.

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