United Kingdom is droneregistratie require

United Kingdom is droneregistratie require

Brits have drones in the future be obliged to register. Also have owners a veiligheidsexamen travel.

That the British government Saturday announced. In the future drones with a weight of 250 grams or more to be registered. The government wants the liability to better capture. It should also lead to more responsibility among the users.

People can take their drone as possible online or via an app register. How that sign works exactly is unclear, because the United Kingdom the plans are still investigating. There will also be a test that users have to prove on the be aware of Uk rules around security and privacy.

The government has further plans to geofencing to expand. Drones will be programmed to ensure that certain areas are not able to, such as airports. Dronemaker DJI has already said with this decision. Around the British airport of Heathrow already had more near-accidents with unmanned airplanes.

To register,

In the Netherlands is still no compulsory registration or exam. However, there are other rules. For example, it is prohibited to airports and in the dark to fly. In the United States gold and formerly also a registration obligation for drones in the civil aviation authority FAA, but that decision was in may of this year reversed.

In Europe since 2015 already a mandatory droneregistratie in Ireland. It comes to heavier drones of at least a kilo at the aviation authority IAA, should be declared.

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