Unique fossielenkerkhof found for the Belgian coast

Unique fossielenkerkhof found for the Belgian coast

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

For the Belgian coast are bones found of oerwalvissen and walruses. The Flemish Institute for the Sea speaks of a “unique fossielenkerkhof of long-vanished mammals” and a “remarkable discovery”.

The vertebrae of the oerwalvissen, which is between 8 and 15 metres long were, are 40 million years old. The walrusresten dating from the last Ice age (116.000 – 12,000 years ago).

The researchers think that around the vindplek a colony of about fifty to one hundred walruses lived. Also found were bone fragments found wild horses, aurochs and steppenwisenten.

Dutch fishermen had in the past twenty years, skeletal remains of the oerwalvis in the fairway, The Crack off the coast of Ostend.

Follow-up research

Paleontologists affiliated with the Museum of Natural history Rotterdam went looking for more material.

Last month beat the Dutch and Belgians joined hands and they went two times on the road with the Flemish research vessel Simon Stevin. For follow-up research, the scientists are drilling to do that more insight must give in the discoveries.

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