‘Unconventional’ internetporno possible ban in Uk

‘Unconventional’ internetporno possible ban in Uk

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It is for residents of the United Kingdom may be prohibited to even look at online types of xxx sex videos that are ‘unconventional’ sexual acts exhibit.

That scheme is part of a bill, which is currently the parliament is treated, reports The Guardian Wednesday.

It was already known that the British government, as mandatory leeftijdsverificaties wants to introduce on porn sites. Have sites that require authentication, providers are forced to access the websites to block.

The law now appears to go even further. The British Board of Film Classification (ESRB), the organization films for distribution in cinemas and on dvd, reviews and a age classification map will also be the supervisor for the types of xxx sex videos on the internet.


It is in the United Kingdom is not allowed to get dvd’s to distribute the ESRB no rating has been given. The organisation does for pornography, but not for seksfilms extreme or unconventional actions.

This includes beating with whips, or other devices, provided there are visible traces of left behind. Also golden showers, female ejaculation, visible, menstruation, and public sex are unacceptable on dvd.

Moreover, there is a country in the so-called ‘viervingerregel’. This is explained on the maximum number of fingers that can be simultaneously in an orifice may be inserted.

The actions that dvd is not acceptable can, can, in the United Kingdom legally be carried out by adults. Also his video’s now easy to find on the internet.


The bill would result in whole sections of popular porn sites inaccessible should be for Uk ip addresses. A spokesman of the British department of Culture, Media and Sport confirms that online the same rules should apply as offline.

MindGeek, the owner of popular sites like Pornhub, Redtube and Youporn, says to expect that “the rights of adults to erotic material” will be protected.

The sexual acts under the strictest ESRB rating is still prohibited, according to a spokesman “accepted aspects of healthy sexuality, which is proud to be celebrated by the international feminist, queer, and ethical porn movement”.

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