UNC Charlotte offers space for white pupils, staff ‘works in the direction of white consciousness’

UNC Charlotte was the new school to offer a space for white staff and students.

(UNC Charlotte)

The University of North Carolina-Charlotte has become the latest institution of higher education to offer” a space for white students” on campus “to assist in their understanding of Whiteness.”

The staff in the Office of the Identity, Equity, and Engagement (IEE) under the Division of student affairs will have a conversation with the participants, “when we go to the white consciousness.”

“The concept of white privilege and engaging in anti-racist practice is crucial in creating racial equity,” the description of the event, read for school officials scrubbed from the website.

UNC Charlotte’s “White Consciousness Conversations” events before being scrubbed from the website.

(UNC Charlotte)

A UNC Charlotte spokesman told Fox News the university changes to the description of the event, after it was brought to their attention to the more clearly and precisely that it is not exclusively for white people, but they are still the target of the call.

“The discussion at UNC Charlotte about ‘white consciousness’ will be similar to those that take place on campuses across the country,” Stephen Ward told Fox News. “We expect a diverse group of participants to talk about topics including the reality of racism and discrimination in the lives of people of color.”

Ward added that this is just one of the many conversations about timely issues UNC Charlotte will be offering this year.

Charlie Kirk, the founder and president of the Turning point in the U.S., calling it a step backward.


Charlie Kirk on attacked by protesters in Philadelphia

“This is exactly what we criticize the left,” Kirk told Fox News. “This is a different kind of segregation that we so hard fought to the end of 60 years ago.”

The announcement of the UNC event comes a week after the University of Maryland was criticized for the advertisement of a whites-only discussion group.


In the first instance, UMD offers its students a counseling program with the name of “White Awake” as a “safe space for White students.”

After the student-attention and attention of the media, UMD’s Counseling Center scrubbed the site of any references to a “safe space” and “white students,” and changed the name to “Anti-Racism, and Ally Building of the Group.”

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