‘Unbroken: the Path to Redemption’ star-calls) plays his real-life grandfather Billy Graham



Rev. Billy Graham’s grandson to star in new film

Will Graham is playing his grandfather in “Unbroken: the Path to Redemption,” the true story of the world War ii hero Louis Zamperini’s struggle to find peace after the war, until he heard the powerful words of Reverend Billy Graham.

When “Unbroken” first hit theaters, many moviegoers left the theater curious about the rest of the Wolrd War ii hero Louis Zamperini’s incredible true story.

Zamparini, played by Samuel Hunt, returned from the war as a POW – and faced with a seemingly unbeatable battle with PTSD, which eventually led him to a life-changing Reverend Billy Graham revival.

On Friday, fans finally get to see the last chapter in Louis Zamparini’s life in “Unbroken: the Path to Redemption.” The sequel starts where Angelina Jolie’s 2014 film remained, both based on the best-selling book of the same name by Laura Hillenbrand, who said that the movie moved her to tears.

Louis Zamperini (Samuel Hunt) and his wife Cynthia (Merritt Patterson) are trying to live the good life in the post-war Florida, but Zamperini is haunted by his war experiences in “Unbroken: the Path To Redemption.”–in theaters September 14, 2018.


Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham, told “Fox & Friends” it was an incredible honor to play his grandfather, and instead of trying to mimic his famous grandfather, affectionately known as “America’s Pastor,” Will only preached in his usual style.

“I’m no actor. I am a preacher, like my grandfather and my father,” Graham said. “I’m not used to people and say:” Do that again. You need more passion in your sermon.'”

While Zamparini is known throughout the world, Graham, at this point in his life, was still relatively unknown.

Billy Graham is played by his grandson, Graham, in “Unbroken: the Path To Redemption.”–in theaters September 14, 2018.


“It is difficult to overestimate how important the 1949 Crusade was for my grandaddy,” Graham said. “Of course, it was of eternal significance to Louie and Cynthia Zamperini and thousands more like them, who accepted Christ as a result of the grandfather’s preaching. But Billy Graham was an unknown, a nobody, before that Crusade. It was the publisher William Randolph Hearst, who, after three weeks of the Crusade to generate no interest, told his editors to ” puff Graham.’ They put him on the front page and the rest of the media followed.”

The first film covered Zamparini’s life when he was a young boy, until he came back from the war, but this new one follows on its journey from a struggle with PTSD and alcoholism to a life of redemption and unimaginable forgiveness.

Luke Zamparini, Louis’ son, said his father’s stories were his bedtime stories grow. In contrast to other war heroes, his father had to immediately start speaking when he came back, because he was presumed dead and everyone in the entire country wanted to know what really happened with him.

Cynthia (Merritt Patterson) and Louis (Samuel Hunt), his marital problems caused by his post-war trauma in “Unbroken: the Path To Redemption.”–in theaters September 14, 2018.


“It would give him a few shots of whiskey to get started,” said Lukas, “and eventually his PTSD, which is revealed in these terrible nightmares about being beaten by the most horrible guard he had, he would self-medicate with alcohol to the point that his life was falling apart, his marriage was falling apart, and then one day he walked into a large tent meeting in Los Angeles and heard Billy Graham speak.”

The film is presented by Pure Flix, The WTA Group, and the Universal 1440 Entertainment and produced by Matt Baer, who was involved in the first production.

Baer said Zamparini, the story is too grand for a film, but director Harold Cronk says it is one that everyone can relate.

“This chapter is about the struggle of his soul, and the incredibly powerful message of forgiveness,” Cronk said. “If we accept that we are broken and allow ourselves to receive grace, we are free at last to offer to others.”

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