UN warns of famine in Yemen

UN warns of famine in Yemen

Photo: AFP

Officials of the United Nations to warn that the escalated conflict in Yemen can provide a great famine if there is not quick action is taken. Two-thirds of the population according to the UN, urgent humanitarian needs.

UN envoy in Yemen, according to the AP against the Security council said that the “dangerous increase in air strikes and fighting, tragic consequences for the people of Yemen”. According to the envoy would be 18.2 million people need food,

Also be warned that 10.3 million Yemenis quickly need help in order to save their lives or to support. And at least two million people have directly necessary food needed to survive.

“The conflict in Yemen is the main cause of the largest food problem in the world”, said a UN official. “If something is taken then it is famine a likely scenario for 2017.”


Especially children are badly affected by the situation in Yemen. Every ten minutes dies a child under five years of age due to causes that could have been prevented.

According to the UN, 2.2 million babies, boys and girls are undernourished. Almost half a million children are severely malnourished. An increase of 63 percent since the end of 2015, says the UN official.

Civil war

In Yemen’s raging civil war. There is already two years of fighting between government forces and rebels from the north of the country and to the tribe of the Houthi’s are called. The Houthi’s have a lot of ground booked and controlling the capital Sanaa. Aden is located 300 kilometers south of Sanaa, and is in the hands of regeringsgetrouwe troops.

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