UN wants investigation into drug war Philippine president Duterte

UN wants investigation into drug war Philippine president Duterte

Photo: AFP

The human rights commission of the UN wants the authorities in the Philippines an investigation begin against president Rodrigo Duterte for his fight against drug-related crime.

Since taking office in July are estimated to be six thousand alleged criminals killed. Duterte has recently declared that he in his time as mayor of Davao has personally dealt with drug offenders.

He was riding a motorcycle through the streets and murdering criminals in order his police to show how you did that, according to the president. The UN commission wants research into three of those murders.

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Of the six thousand killed alleged drug offenders in the Philippines, came about a third to the hands of the police. The rest fell prey to masked men and burgerwachtachtige groups that are usually on motorbikes through the streets and criminals hunt.

Duterte’s war against drugs

Even during his time as president of the Philippines in June 2016, promised Rodrigo Duterte a “relentless” and “sustained” battle against crime. Since then, there are thousands of people executed on suspicion of drug-related crime.

Funeral director Alejandro Ormeneta said in an interview with news agency AFP has never so much work to be had, but that he wishes that the drug-related murders stop.

As mayor of Davao City, the 71-year-old politician hard on against criminals. In mid-december he had even in a speech know personally have dealt with criminals to set an example for his agents.

Prisoners in a jail in Manila sleep on the stairs because the cells are crowded to sit.

Under the guise of a national “war on drugs”, also known as Project Tokhang called, is the agents and vigilantes allowed suspects to shoot.

Relatives of the killed Michael Siaron mourn at his funeral in the Filipino capital Manila. Siaron was by vigilantes murdered, after president Duterte had called all the drug dealers in the country to kill.

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