UN: Spraakassistenten as Siri confirm prejudices about women

Stemassistenten with a female voice, such as Siri, or Alexa, confirm gender bias. This is evident from a study of the United Nations, writes The Guardian.

The research of the UN organisation Unesco describes that submissive and flirty answers prejudices confirm that women are subservient stance.

“Because the voices of the assistants often female, sends a signal that women are complacent and docile,” writes Unesco. “And that with a press of a button or a bot command like ‘hey’ or ‘okay'”.

The study explains that it is of concern, because the women’s voices after verbal sexual harassment to excuse.

Unesco calls to digital assistants non-standard female, and the assistants are reluctant to deal with sexist comments. They also advise the organization on technology companies to set gender-neutral artificial intelligence to develop.

Stemassistenten part of phones and smart speakers. Users can, for example, music or the weather query.

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