UN Security council condemns rocket launch North Korea

UN Security council condemns rocket launch North Korea

The UN Security council, the North Korean launch of a middellangeafstandsraket unanimously condemned.

Supported by China, the main ally of North Korea, which reached the Security council on Monday agreed on by the United States drafted a declaration in which the test is described as a “serious violation of UN resolutions” and which threatened “further significant measures”. That reports AFP.

The Security council was behind closed doors meet at the request of the US, Japan and South Korea. The countries had a Sunday joint to a urgent consultations were requested because of the rocket launch.

The American UN ambassador Nikki Haley did during the meeting called on the council to “all the available resources to the North Korean regime, to make it clear that these launches are unacceptable”. “It is time for North Korea not only with our words but with our actions responsibly”, she said.


North Korea called the rocket launch on Sunday was a “success”. The communist country fired a ballistic missile from the area Panghyon, located on the western border. According to the South Korean ministry of Defence flew the rocket to about 500 km in an easterly direction, before entering the Sea of Japan collapsed.

According to the North Korean state news agency KCNA was the missile loaded with a nuclear weapon. Also, KNCA that at the launch, taking into account the safety of the surrounding countries. Kim Jong-un, the leader of the country, would himself have been present at the launch of the ‘Pukguksong-2’.

The United Nations had North Korea previously banned by a resolution to ballistic missiles to launch. The resolution is part of multiple agreements in order to prevent the isolated country to become a nuclear power. However, from this North Korea last year to two tests and plenty of rocket launches to perform.

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