UN secretary general warns Myanmar for escalation of violence

UN secretary general warns Myanmar for escalation of violence

Photo: AFP

The secretary-general of the united nations, Antonio Guterres, has Myanmar warned that the violence in the state of Rakhine, a danger for the whole region and may lead to ethnic cleansing. The violence is turning to the Rohingya, a muslim minority in the country.

Guterres, the United Nations Security council a letter about the explosive situation written. He has proposed measures to the violence to return.

The Portuguese fear for a situation in which an ethnic disaster strikes. In Myanmar, the Rohingya stateloos and therefore almost rechteloos. The security forces and the militant groups from the moslimminderheid each other and fight to the death.

The youngest outbreak of violence started on the 25th of August, when the muslims police and legerbases attacked. The subsequent violence has to certainly four hundred human lives.

Battles Myanmar

A regeringsmilitair keeps watch during an operation against insurgents.

Military love checks in the area where the battles take place.

By the fighting, thousands of Rohingya muslims fled.

Houses have gone up in smoke and several citizens were killed.

Refugees at the border in Myanmar.

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Fleeing Rohingya to try on a large scale to neighbouring Bangladesh to achieve, but that is not keen to take them on. Earlier on Tuesday made the UN announced that there are around 125,000 refugees to the border with Bangladesh are crossed.

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