UN-mensenrechtenchef: “more and more civilians killed in Syria, the world stands silent’

More than 100 Syrians, including 26 children, in the last ten days, were killed by attacks on civilian targets by government forces, suggests a UN-mensenrechtenchef Michelle Bachelet on Friday. They see that the war in Syria, the international image damage.

Bachelet called the attacks on hospitals, schools, markets, and bakeries as part of a “relentless campaign of air strikes by the government and its allies,” writes the BBC.

The most important partner of the government of president Bashar Al Assad, it is Russia.

“It may seem hard to believe, having regard to a continuing pattern of the same types of attacks that targets all happen to be hit,” she told reporters.

At the same time, the united nations mensenrechtenchef that the war in Syria from outside that country’s image has been hit. Reports on many of the civilians killed will be receiving the “apparent international indifference”. They will see that as the “failed leadership by the most powerful countries in the world.”

The current conflict between the government-Al Assad and the various rebel groups, mainly in the region of Idlib, which, together with the regions of Aleppo and in Hama in the last rebellenbolwerk is.


Dozens dead after a bombing at a market in Syria,

Fighting in Idlib as well, more quickly

The Syrian government forces since the end of april, and a heavier offensive against the rebels, deployed, and supported by the Russian air force. In addition, up to now, be sure to 453 civilians killed in some cases. With the high number of casualties in the last few days, showing that the battle is getting faster and faster, as well. Estimated that up to 400,000 civilians have fled.

Idlib was described as a safe-zone, a cease-fire last year, with the intervention of Russia and Turkey was signed. There is housing for 2.7 million people in the region.

During an air raid on a residential district and a market in the town of Maarat Al Numan fell out earlier this week that at least 31 civilians killed and 50 wounded. Russia denies any involvement.

The Syrian government says the attack is necessary to the Al-Qaeda affiliated jihadist groups to fight the remaining rebels in Idlib countries.


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