UN involves negotiating international kernwapenverbod

UN involves negotiating international kernwapenverbod

Photo: AFP

The United Nations will have to negotiate an international kernwapenverbod.

That is the result of the vote of the First Committee of the General Assembly of the UN on the resolution which determines that next year negotiations on a ban on nuclear weapons. It was striking that the Netherlands abstained from voting.

Urged by an international coalition of activist groups, former government leaders, movie stars and peace activists from four countries, the resolution submitted to the UN. Thursday night was the vote on the resolution.

The Dutch peace organization PAX, which for many years has greatly made for the negotiation of a kernwapenverbod, speaks of a “historic breakthrough.” The adopted resolution must be a nuclear-free world closer. “A ban on nuclear weapons is the most belofterijke step towards that”, says general director Jan Gruiters.

For the vote on the resolution were 123 countries for, 38 against, and sixteen voted not at all. Including The Netherlands. This is quite remarkable, because the Second Chamber wanted that the Netherlands would vote. NATO ally the United States wanted to understand that the Netherlands against the resolution to vote, which ensures that next year in New York, two conferences to be held for a ban on nuclear weapons to prepare for.

The nuclear weapon states such as the US are against the resolution and will not to the intended conferences participate. The resolution is not binding, but advisory.

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