UN court orders Turkey to release of genocide right

UN court orders Turkey to release of genocide right

A court of the United Nations, Turkey on Tuesday ordered that the leading judge Aydin Sefa Akay, so that his place in the chamber the case of a Rwandan genocideverdachte treats again can take.

Akay was in the aftermath of the couppoging of 15 July in Turkey were arrested. According to the UN Mechanism for International criminal tribunals, he was, however, as a member of the judiciary of the UN diplomatic immunity.

The court, that the legal successor of the tribunals that the war crimes in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, treated, demanding that the Turkish authorities all legal proceedings against Akay strike and to him no later than February 14, to release.

Rwandan genocide

Akay is a member of the panel that the criminal complaints against Augustin Ngirabatware treats. The prosecutor had already called on his replacement, but president Theodor Meron said that the judicial independence is compromised.

Ngirabatware was for his part in the genocide in Rwanda of up to thirty years in prison. In July 2016 he asked, on the basis of new evidence to review. By the detention of judge Akay is the treatment of his case quiet.

Ngirabatware asked for an order to Turkey to the prosecution of Akay to cease, so that he his work at the UN court could resume, but the Turkish government has, according to the court never responded.


In Turkey, after the couppoging approximately 120,000 military, police officers, judges, prosecutors, teachers, journalists and other government officials dismissed or suspended. More than 41.000 people are stuck in anticipation of a protest.

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