Uk’s prince Philip (98) ‘as a precaution’ in the hospital

Prince Philip, husband of queen Elizabeth, was wed night at the hospital. The 98-year-old prince in the British royal family ‘as a precaution’ in the King Edward VII Hospital in London.

Philip was advised by his doctor to be included because of a pre-existing condition” for which he is suffering, how to share throughout our stay.

He is in the hospital, treated, and studied. What condition is the will, not be published.

Philip, according to Buckingham Palace, from the county of Norfolk, taken to the hospital. The prince, according to several British media, is in Norfolk for the holidays to spend with his wife, Elizabeth, and their children, and to be a part of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle will be the holidays spent with her mother, Doria.

Last year in april, Philip had an operation on his hip, which was unsuccessful. It was in June 2017, is also in the hospital. He was struggling with a yeast infection, which is caused by previous health problems. In 2013, Philip has been recognized, at the time, now he has pain in his lower abdomen.

The prince caused it in the beginning of this year, car accident

The prince, in January of this year and is frequently in the news, after he was in a car accident caused by. The accident of prince Philip on the 17th of January, caused, I walked to one of the three occupants of the car he hit did have a broken arm.

One of the other occupants of the car got injuries. The husband of the queen of england, Elizabeth kept herself safely in the event of an accident. The prince gave then volunteered his driver’s license.

After the incident, and offered the prince Philip, in a letter apologizing to the victims. “I’m so sorry for my part in the mistake,” he wrote. “I was very shocked after the accident, but I’m glad that no one was seriously injured. Afterwards, I heard that you have a broken arm, suffered. That is don’t worry about it very much.”

By the end of 2017, the prince of orange, his duties in public life. Scheduled events for August of 2017, he is still well attended, but there were no new appointments of the official events are made for. The prince once in a while on special events.

An update on Prince Philip from Buckingham Palace:

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