Ukraine raises the state of siege around the borders and the Black Sea after thirty days

In Ukraine, the state of siege Wednesday after thirty days will be terminated. Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko had declared on the occasion of the attack of Russia on three naval vessels in the Strait of Kerch in november.

The measure was from the end of november took effect in ten regions along the Black Sea and the borders with Russia, belarus, and Moldova. During the emergency were the Ukrainian armed forces in a state of readiness is set and reservists called up. Also if Russian men between sixteen and sixty years, the country is not.

Poroshenko had earlier this month already know that he did not plan was to the state of siege to renew, unless there is a large-scale attack from Russia would take place.

In the attack in the strait on Sunday 25 november, Russia the three Ukrainian ships seized. The 24 crew members were taken and are still being held. Russia is accusing the seamen of crossing the border illegally and charges against the men submitted.

Both Russia and Ukraine see the strait as well as their own territorial boundaries. The Strait of Kerch between both countries in and adjacent to the Crimea, the peninsula that in 2014, it was annexed by the Russians. The conflict care for new tensions between the countries.


Russia blocks Strait of Kerch after the incident with Ukraine

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