Ukraine: Iran will be a black box from the shot down plane is to hand over to

In Iran, it will have the data and voice recordings from the black boxes of a Ukrainian passenger jet last week, was shot dead in Tehran on Ukraine to hand over. An Iranian representative to bring the data to you next week to Kyiv, said Ukrainian Foreign minister Vadym Prystaiko on Friday at the houses of parliament.

The black boxes are currently being investigated in Iran by a team of experts from that country, Ukraine, united kingdom, and Canada.

The supreme leader of Iran, grootayatollah, Ali Khamenei, spoke Friday for the first time in eight years, and the Friday off. According to the experts, he tried to use the unrest in the country, to reduce it.

Khamenei has described the crash as a tragedy of a kind that, in the future, it should be avoided. He called for national unity. According to the grootayatollah the crash and the enemies of the country, including the United States, it used to be the death of US the death of the Iranian general, Qassem Soleimani, to dwell.

It is the goal of Iran have not changed, ” said the Iranian opperleider: the united states should leave the Middle East. He is also on the poor state of the Iranian economy. It must be “independent” of the oil, which is now almost complete too, according to Khamenei.

The Atoomakkoord of 2015, is said Khamenei which of the three European countries that have recently had a dispuutmechanisme out of that deal and started after Iran announced uranium to enrich it, is not to be trusted: in the United Kingdom, Germany and France, according to the grootayatollah, on a leash of the USA.

Regime that did last for a long time that the crash was due to a technical problem that was

At the funeral of Soleimani went on, hundreds of thousands of citizens take to the streets for mourning. In his hometown of Kerman, led to a stampede, in which at least fifty people lost their lives. The wave of support for the regime, as it ran, however, considerable damage after the shooting down of the Ukrainian passenger plane.

The iranian authorities have denied it in the first few days after the crash of the Ukrainian aircraft on the 8th of January, that it had been shot and insisted that a technical problem is the cause of the crash was. It Later acknowledged, however, that the batteries are of the Revolutionary Guard was in charge, leading to huge protests in the country led to.

Thousands of demonstrators went out on Saturday and Sunday at various locations in Iran take to the streets for the authorities to make way for a liar.

The political situation in Iran are already strained

The relationship between the government and the people of israel have been strained. To experience protests over the rising cost of living and the economic trouble which led to last november, to a violent crackdown by the security forces, which is certainly three hundred, but is probably a variety of them protesters, were killed.

In response to the death of Soleimani carried out of Iran last week in rocket attacks on an Iraqi army base where Us soldiers were involved. It grew to eleven American soldiers were slightly wounded. Khamenei has called the attack on Friday was a “slap in the face” of the United States of america.

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