Ukraine displays of looted art from the Westfries Museum ‘fast’ back

Ukraine displays of looted art from the Westfries Museum ‘fast’ back

Ukraine bears the five recovered works of art from the Westfries Museum in the short-term to the Dutch authorities.

That are representatives of the Dutch and Ukrainian Public Prosecutor’s office agreed. A date is not known yet, but it will be soon, assures a spokeswoman for the Canal museum.

The presentation will take place at the Dutch embassy in Kiev. A Dutch expert travel this week to the Ukrainian capital to the authenticity and the condition of the paintings.

Three weeks after the handing over, the paintings are back in the Horn, it is expected. The Westfries Museum will festively celebrate with the whole city. How that happens, it will soon be clear.


Councillor Judith de Jong (Art and Culture) is “very happy and relieved that the paintings really come back in Dutch hands. We have a time in uncertainty sat on when they return.”

The five found work would first the beginning of this month to come back, but Ukraine put at the beginning of August a spoke in the wheel by all sorts of additional requirements for the identification of the paintings.


The five paintings were nineteen other canvases and seventy pieces of silverware at the beginning of 2005 from the Westfries Museum robbed. Four works have been identified by the Ukrainian authorities, and a fifth cloth was in may of this year by an unknown buyer returned to the Dutch embassy in Kiev.

The other paintings and the silverware are not yet detected. They would be in the hands of a far-right militia in Ukraine.

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