Ukraine call whistleblower showed “political bias’ favors Trump’s” competition ” – candidate: memo

nearvideo trump goes on the Offensive against the impeachment request

The White house release document, the intel community watchdog found the whistleblower had to report with the “political bias’; John Roberts is set.

The intelligence services inspector general found that the whistleblower, leveled showed explosive allegations against President Trump about his phone call with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signs of “political bias” and was “in favor of a competing political candidate,” a new document shows.

The Ministry of justice’s Office of Legal Counsel to report on Wednesday morning, a statement from the whistleblower lawsuit, which had claimed, released to a matter of “urgent concern.” The OLC determined that the complaint, though, “not a “pressing concern”, and does not require that the director of national intelligence “, transmitted the complaint to the intelligence committees.”


This provision is diversity is the heart of the opinion, has pitted that the DOJ and the intelligence Director, the inspector General and the Democrats in Congress. The latter argue that the complaint will be turned over should, to the Congress. Such a step is under consideration, although the White house has published a rough transcript of Wednesday morning, shows trump card in the fact of Ukraine expressed are looking for to in the Biden family, the business, as has already been claimed. But Trump, in the transcript, does not explicitly tie the request for military aid.

Included in the OLC opinion, though, was a section, revealed by the whistleblower showed signs of a “political bias” as Fox News Tuesday reported first-while you say that the inspector-General that the allegations credible.

“Although the ICIG was the first test, some indica of a contentious political bias on the part of the Complainant in favor of a competing political candidate,” the ICIG said the conclusion that the complaint appeared to the allegations however, to be credible,” the opinion.

The name of the opposition candidate was shown that, in the opinion. Fox News previously reported that the whistleblower also do not have first-Hand knowledge, the reputation, according to sources.

The OLC opinion, the President’s call with Zelensky came in conjunction with the published Protocol. The whistleblower complaint alleges that the unnamed “White house officials” had “expressed concern about the content of the telephone conversation between the President and a foreign leader.”


According to the ICIG, “instructions of the President during the conversation could be seen as an invitation to a foreign campaign contribution in violation of campaign-Finance laws.”

The DOJ is not yet such a provision has achieved.

The transcript, released by Trump, the call of the Trump out of the White house residence — in 25th place took. July from 9:03 to 9:33 p.m. It begins with the President to congratulate Zelensky on his election victory in front of Trump finally, the topic discussed former Vice-President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

“There is talk of Biden’s is much son that Biden finished want to the law enforcement and a lot of people to find out about so, what can you do with the attorney-General would be great,” Trump said in the phone call. “Biden went on to boast that he ended the persecution of so if you are looking into it…It sounds terrible for me.”

This refers to Joe Biden, during the Vice-President urges Ukraine to fire was its top Prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who is the investigation of the natural gas company Burisma Holdings — where Hunter Biden was on the Board. Biden has claimed that the corruption is asked concerns his intervention.

Trump, in the run-up to the transcript release, was charged to investigate by the Democrats, essentially, of pressure from a foreign power, is a political opponent, as Biden is now a top contender for the 2020 democratic presidential nomination.

On Monday, it was announced that Trump had ordered his staff to freeze almost $ 400 million in assistance to Ukraine for a couple of days before calling the call with Zelensky, a detail that has fueled charges, leading to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the formal prosecution’s request on Tuesday. But the call of the transcript of the show not to mention Trump, the development aid as a means of pressure or otherwise.

The transcript shows Zelensky thing to be considered it the trump card of the Biden affair, suggesting that a new state’s attorney. “He or she said in the situation, especially for the companies that you mentioned in this issue,” he said. “The Problem of the investigation of the case is actually the question of the restoration of justice, we will take care of us, and we will work on the investigation of the case.”

The publication of the transcript and the opinion of the OLC come after Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry against Trump, responding to mounting calls from your group to make the process official.

Democrats are looking for the whistleblower complaint in full and unredacted format. The DNI’s general counsel, said, although, after consultation with the Ministry of justice, not to meet the case, the legal definition of “urgent concern”, and was not subject to the mandatory disclosure to Congress.

Fox News’ Jake Gibson, Catherine Herridge, John Roberts and Alex helped Pappas to this report.

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