UK memo warned about the dossier-author of ‘credibility’ Flynn team claimed, in explosive filing

nearvideo prosecutors, Flynn’s lawyers say that the former national security Advisor, has completed the cooperation of the government

A five-page status report shows a lot of daylight between the former national security Advisor, Michael Flynn ‘ s new legal team and the government; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports from Washington.

In a new filing with the Federal court unsealed, Michael Flynn ‘ s outlines legal team, more than 40 sets of data, which may contain exonerating evidence allegedly withheld by the government — including a memo from the British government, the said, to warn you about the credibility of the dossier-the author and the FBI-the source-Christopher Steele.

According to the filing, which was unsealed with minor redactions, was delivered a letter “from the British Embassy, the incoming National security team after the Donald Trump of the election, and outgoing National security Advisor Susan Rice” which is “disavowed, apparently, win a former British intelligence Agent Christopher Steele, calls his credibility into question and declares him not to be trustworthy.”

Fox News has reached the British Embassy and a lawyer for rice for the comment on the claim.

Nevertheless, the FBI relied on Steeles work-funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee opposition research firm Fusion-GPS– to get and to renew secret surveillance to monitor a former Trump aide. Claims of Steele led the investigators to a wide network of eject, in the review of the trump team.

Susan Rice, who served as national security adviser under Ex-President Barack Obama has become critical of President Trump’s relationship with Russia
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Flynn tried legal team, the documentation about the “former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, regarding your opinion that the Jan. 24, 2017, a surprise interview with Mr Flynn was problematic and their lack of clarity of the FBI’s purpose in the investigation of Mr. Flynn.”

Flynn was charged with misconduct as a result of the substance of his telephone calls with the then Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak that were the subject of this interview-and a Washington Post published an article the day before the Flynn’s White house interview with the agent, relying on FBI sources revealed to the public that the FBI listened to was Flynn’ s announced, and already cleared him of any criminal actions.

Flynn was charged with one count of lying to the FBI for its supposedly ambiguous answers to the agents of the FBI in this interview, Flynn said the agent, “not really” when asked if he had tried to convince Kislyak, not to escalate a brewing dispute with the US over sanctions, the Obama administration, according to state documents.


The FBI, including then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, pushed Flynn to a lawyer to be present, to be what a random meeting in the White house, Flynn said later, seemed.

The former national security advisers-lawyers argued in a status conference this week that the case be thrown out against Flynn, accuses the prosecutors of “outrageous behaviour and suppression” of the evidence and his confession.

Andrew McCarthy on whether the government played fair with Michael Flynn

The lawyer for the former National security Advisor, Michael Flynn claims the DOJ withheld favorable evidence to its customers; reaction and analysis from Fox News contributors, Andrew McCarthy, former US Prosecutor and author of ” Ball of the appointment.’

Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell convinced the US District Court judge Emmet Sullivan to schedule a hearing on the issue of whether so-called Brady material – evidence helpful to the defense deprived of — unconstitutional. The developments, which warned of a scheduled December sentencing date, the Sullivan, the parties were able to be moved back.

“We have learned … that it was a letter, dated Jan. 30, 2017, or to an internal memo from the Ministry of justice, the complete Mr. Flynn, an agent of Russia rehabilitated, and the document was not produced to us yet,” Powell said, according to a transcript of Tuesday’s hearing by Fox News.


Powell continued: “they had a lot of information you did not disclose. You also have note of a letter from the British Embassy, the completely discredited [Trump dossier author], Christopher Steele, and makes the whole Steele dossier debacle.”

Fox News is learned of the memo’s existence last week. Asked by Fox News at the beginning of this week, if you are aware of the memo and that was it, a DOJ official said they would try to identify him.

But Powell’s concern, responds in court on Tuesday, a government lawyer said they were irrelevant, she noticed not accuse, Flynn, a Russian agent in the first place.

“The government has not claimed in each of the submissions in this court or before the court, that the defendant is an agent of Russia. This is not part of this case. This is not part of the law that he pleaded guilty. It was the FBI over certain communications in relation to Russia, and not an agent of Russia,” attorney Brandon Van Grack said, according to the transcript

Apart from Powell’s latest claims in court, Fox News reported on Monday that the former Deputy FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, the White house said at the beginning of February 2017, the office was taking into account Flynn, for a possible Logan Act law enforcement contacts with Kislyak, before Donald Trump was sworn in as President. McCabe was on the rarely prosecuted, a 200-year-old Statute followed, the bars, the American citizens, from employment with a foreign government without authorization from the current U.S. government.


The records also indicated that Flynn reported on two separate occasions in the days prior to his White house burning, and that FBI agents told him that the bureau investigation was closed.

“It is said there is far more to the game than the judgment,” Powell. To produce the “stunning failures of Brady material, goes back to July 2017.”

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