Uitgejouwde world champion Gatlin praises ‘inspiring’ Bolt

Uitgejouwde world champion Gatlin praises ‘inspiring’ Bolt

Justin Gatlin was the Saturday after his surprising world championship win in the 100 metres in London merely enthusiastic about Usain Bolt, the olympic stadium next to a historic fourth gold medal handle the most publicized showdown.

The 35-year-old American, who after 2005 for the second time and became world champion on the 100 meters, after achieving his world title booed by a large part of the 60.000-strong audience because of his dopingverleden.

“This was a wonderful race,” said Gatlin nevertheless. “This is, for now, the last time that the spectators such a race.”

Gatlin turned down a long victory lap, but took the congratulations in receipt of Bolt, who delighted to take the bronze. “The first thing Bolt did, was me to congratulate. He told me that I fluitconcerten not earned. He has always been able to inspire,” said the American.

“He is still a fantastic sportsman. It’s not me, I defeated him. The important thing is that I’ve won.”

Bolt beaten by Gatlin

Usain Bolt had the race to Justin Gatlin.

The two showed a lot of respect for each other.

Gatlin was booed by the audience.

Gatlin was in 2005, already a world champion.

Bolt had for the fourth time, gold can get.

The Jamaican was anything but in sackcloth and ashes after his bronze medal.

He sought out acquaintances in the audience.

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Gatlin understands that he is not popular is because of its dopingverleden. “But I always trust held in myself. My supporters have me continue to support. This is the result. People hiss at me, but people who love me rejoice because,” he said.

“Maybe not so much in the stadium but in the living rooms. Before I had figured out what I would do if I would win. I have none of those things.”

Bolt took the world title in the 100 meters in 2009, 2013 and 2015. Gatlin, who are dopingschorsing between 2006 and 2010, properly finished, was the 2004 olympic champion on the most publicized showdown.


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