Uitgejouwde has been done with the insults from the TOURIST information said

Robert Maaskant has a small section of the public, from the TOURIST information car park. The coach of a failing of Limburg, the club was on Sunday, when the thuisduel by Southampton (0-3), not for the first time this season, all sorts of curses on his head.

To the left of the field, while the rest sought no in the confrontation with a few fans, though he had afterwards to regret it.

“I don’t do that. It’s a stupid idea, because you can’t win. But then, I’ve done that to all the anonymous people, a pet, and a hat, all for you to conjure up some very, very personal’, and began to it after the contest is presented by FOX Sports.

“At a certain point, you’re ready to accept that kind of thing. I know that I have is that if a coach does not have to do it, but at the time that it was personalized, I would say: get off that fence and come on, let’s just talk. Lay it out for me.”

“The Supporters have every reason to be angry at him if you have to lose, and they may feel that it is my fault or not, it is, however, in the uk, we need to be careful that we have boundaries, do not let it fade away with this sort of thing.”

For the OFFICE fans before the game against Liverpool is still full of good cheer. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Wednesday called for a boy of fourteen, of all

, it lost against Everton for the sixth year in a row in the Premier league with the TOURIST office, which is second-to-last position. In addition, it was Wednesday TILL THE Cup be lost to the amateurs of the Green Star, and even then, he was the one who.

“On Wednesday, there was a boy of fourteen years of age, who, for the competition of the most terrible things was the cry, as I have an OFFICE jacket, to be able to do. I think we should not accept it,” said the coach.

“I just heard about it today for a spreekkoor because I have Lee Cattermole out of his but the guy was just injured. If the audience is there en masse to respond… because I can absolutely nothing about it.”

frustrated by the way in which the TOURIST getting lost. “It was a game in which we just go 2-0 achterstonden. Also, against a Team that wasn’t necessary. That is, it is not easy, because we have to go back into the game to fight, not to easy to get points.”

The next round of the tourism and the that is not sure and says to his future, and it is a Saturday. The People going on the visit to Heracles Almelo.

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